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Hvordan XP-endo finisher ser ut etter utvidelse. Tegning.

Den største utfordringen man møter innen endodontien, er at nesten alle kanaler er bredere buccolingualt enn mesiodistalt.

Hvordan kan man takle denne utfordringen og få en ren kanal?

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XP-3D Finisher™ file — the next step in restorative endodontics

Drs. Martin Trope and Gilberto Debelian discuss reaching areas of the canal impossible with standard files.

The XP-3D Finisher instrument is a NiTi file No. 25 without taper, making it extremely flexible and resistant to cyclic fatigue. Below 30°C, it is in its pliable martensite form and can be straightened or manipulated to any shape. Above 35°C (body temperature), it transforms to its austenite phase and is straight until the last 10 mm where it has a spoon shape with a depth of 1.5 mm (Figure 4).

When rotating, this extremely flexible file has a natural diameter of 3 mm in the last 10 mm (Figure 5).

In addition, when the tip is squeezed, the bulb can be expanded to 6 mm; and when the bulb is compressed, the tip will expand to 6 mm.

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