Test av Twinpower turbiner

Twinpower turbin 4HX-O. Foto.

Moritas TwinPower turbiner markedsføres bl.a. med at de ikke har noe «suck-back». Stemmer det?

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In vitro study of anti-suck-back ability by themselves on new high-speed air turbine handpieces.
Ozawa T1, Nakano M, Arai T.
Dent Mater J. 2010 Nov;29(6):649-54. Epub 2010 Nov 19.


As a result, the water height for each part of one handpiece, the TWINPOWER TURBINE PAR-4HX-O, was below 0 mm. Except for under full emersion, this model, the TWINPOWER TURBINE PAR-4HX-O, did not have any visible fluorescence penetration to the exhaust vent even after 500 on-off switches under fume/mist conditions.

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