Root ZX mini omtalt i International Endodontic Journal

Av de fire EALs (Elektroniske Apeks Lokatorene) var det Dentaport ZX og Root ZX mini som hadde best samsvar mellom virkelig lengde og målt lengde.

Lese hele artikkelen i International Endodontic Journal vo. 43, issue 9


To evaluate the accuracy of four electronic apex locators (EAL) in the apical region (0–3 mm short of the foramen) and to compare the precision of the readings on the display with the real position of the file in the root canal.

Twenty single-rooted extracted teeth with round root canals were used. The canal orifices were preflared, and the length to the major foramen was determined visually under a microscope. Canals were enlarged, so that a size 15 file fitted well inside the canal. Teeth were mounted in acrylic test tubes filled with physiologic saline solution….


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