Digital Local Anaesthesia

Benefits, tricks and techniques for gentle injections

The use of computer-controlled anaesthesia in dentistry helps us delivering effective injections as well as giving to our patient a painless treatment from the start. Safety, control of the drug dose and pressure, automatic aspiration and predictable techniques are just the beginning to a higher comfort to our patients, effective and atraumatic anaesthesia.

During this webinar about computer-controlled anaesthesia we will talk about:

  • Studies and scientific data
  • How computer-controlled anaesthesia can change the perception of the patient
  • Benefits in a dental practice
  • Possible complications and how to minimize the risks with computer assisted injections
  • Standard and Special techniques in digital local anaesthesia.



Dr. Raúl Peral Santamaría

Dr. Raúl Peral Santamaría obtained his degree in dentistry at the University Alfonso X El Sabio, Spain 2001.
Expert in Implant and Prosthodontics by the University of Sevilla 2011.
Oral Microsurgery and Advanced Surgery in the University of Viena 2015.

Working as an oral surgeon, prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry for clinics in Granada, Spain.
Opinion Leader for Camlog implants, Active Member of the Iberian Camlog Academy, Speaker in National and International congresses of Camlog, Study groups with Camlog-Biohorizons.
Reference doctor of Akura Spain and Ronvig with Calaject, giving support and clinician expecience to dentist and staff.


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